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"Unknowing is visceral and affecting."

British Theatre Guide


From Director Matthew Monaghan:

Unknowing is about the destruction of imagined passion. Two lovers (Him and Her) meet and destroy each other irreparably because of their inability to communicate with each other. Over three parts- Meeting, Building and Destroying- they demand impossible emotional commitment from one another and imagine their relationship to be something it is not. The crisis they both undergo stems from the gap between their imagined emotional lives and the emptiness of the reality that exists outside of that. All the 'props' of romance are in this show: all the items that try and convince us that we are in love. These props in the end prove to be empty vessels that undergo fracture because they only carry meaning in the eye of the beholder. The piece is about a deep crisis of living. In the end the two lovers give birth simply to an empty box- a flimsy bit of cardboard.

Unknowing is a poetic and theatrical meditation on what it means to be alive. Using the music of Schumann’s song cycles Dichterliebe and Frauenliebe und Leben as its inspiration, it tells the story of two people - 'Him' and 'Her' - who meet, fall in love, inflict damage on each other and then part. It asks very simple, fundamental questions about what it means to be a human being. How do we communicate? How do we interpret the world? How do we relate to each other as human beings? 



"Jones and Cunnold give strong, stirring performances."

Claire Seymour

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